Sunday, March 22, 2009

EBay Ads

EBay ads are basically the same as Amazon's ads, except they have a better integration with PayPal, as PayPal is owned by EBay. The basics are the same, content is matched to your site and you're paid every time someone clicks on the ad on your site and makes a purchase on EBay. A group of six ads along the side of your blog or website could bring in some heavy revenue if you have enough visitors.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Amazon ads

Amazon has a ad lineup that is similar to Adsense in that it automatically matches the ad content to your sites content. For example, if you have a website or blog on books, Amazon's ads will show listings for books that are currently for sale on their website. You earn a portion of the sales revenue, so these ads are similar to a referral program, as you only get paid  when someone makes a purchase. While not the best ad service, it should definitely be considered.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Ways To Make Money

Besides the other methods I've listed below, there are other ways to make money online. Among these include completing surveys for money, or simply surfing the web and clicking on ads.


Some sites pay you to complete surveys online. The amount of money will differ, and so will your eligibility for polls, as the website will decide which one you can take. This is based on how much information you provide them, so they can accurately sort results. With enough information and some time, you can stand to make a decent amount of money.

Web Surfing

While these sites are hard to find now, they are not non-existent. The most common form of payment is to pay $0.05 for every ad you click on and spend 30 seconds on the linked page, $1.00 for every active person you refer, and $0.01 for every ad they click on after sign up. In time, you could stand to earn from $30 upwards a month, so these programs should be used as secondary streams of income.


I haven't earned much money from this form of money making, but the potential is definitely there. You basically get paid per 1000 downloads, and the amount depends on which country the file was downloaded in. The amount of money ranges from $30 in the US to $5 in Russia, but the amount is different depending on the website. You can also make money from referring friends, as long as they upload files and remain active.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Way To Monetize Your Videos


Revver has developed a revolutionary new way to monetize videos. You upload your original (their a little picky about this) videos, they'll review it and attach an add actually in the video, so that even if you embed, email, download or otherwise share, the ads still appear and still earn revenue. You can get paid on a per click or per thousand impression basis, and payments are made into your PayPal account once your balance reaches $20.00.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Other Ways To Make Money

Besides advertising and video revenue, there are other ways to make money on your website. What about referral programs? Selling goods and services? Sometimes even games! While these might not earn as much as advertising, having more than one stream of income online may be a good thing.

Buying And Selling

Probably one of the original ways to make money online, buying and selling through the internet has a great potential for making money. As stock traders say, buy low, sell high. While Ebay may seem like the obvious choice (and for good reason) there are more ways to buy and sell online. Freewebs (now called Webs) offers a program for businesses to sell their products online. Amazon also works, and you can set a price on what you sell instead of putting it up for auction. Google Checkout works similarly, and can be linked to your already existing Google account.


If your site offers services, there are two main ways to make money from it. First of all, you could require the people using your services to make an account, and sign up requires a payment. Secondly, you could put a donate button on your site so that surfers can donate directly into your PayPal account. Keep in ind that if your serious about making money, you should already have ads on your site


A referral program will pay you a few cents for every visitor to your site that you forward to another site. With a potential to make a large some of cash quickly, this may be a suitable substitute for advertising, but definitely not as profitable. Referrals are similar to ads, as links are put on your site. Keep this in mind before choosing a referral program.

Flash Games

While not the easiest way to make money, with a bit of experience and luck, you can earn a sizable amount of money through games. The most common way to do this is to integrate ads into the loading screen of your game through Mochiads or a similar site. Some gaming websites (Kongregate) offer developers a share of the revenue that is generated from ads in or around your game. Either way, you will earn money every time your game is played. Another way to generate income is through contests. Some websites offer prizes for the highest rated game uploaded this month, or the most played. While not a definite or steady way to make money, you could earn up to $250 if you win.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Make Money With Videos

If you happen to produce web length videos that you hold all copyrights for, you might be interested in monetizing them. In this short guide, I'll show you a few examples on how to do this.


Youtube's partner program allows you to place Adsense ads on your videos. In order to do this, your videos must be A) highly rated and B) have a lot of views. You must have an Adsense account in order to do this, and other ad types are not supported. As with all Adsense ads, you get paid for every time your viewers click on the ads. The ads can also be hidden, so that your viewers don't have to see the ads if they don't want to.


Metacafe's publishing system has more definite requirements than Youtube's, but the potential for payoff is different. As long as you hold the copyrights for everything in your video, or have permission to use copyrighted material, you can submit your video (you can pick and choose) to the program. In order for your video to be accepted, it must meet two requirements. First, it must receive 20,000 views in the six months after being submitted, and second, must have a rating of at least 3/5 stars. If and when your video meets these requirements, you will receive $2 for every 1000 views. It may not seem like a lot, but remember, if your video receives 20,000 views in under 6 months, you will quickly begin to earn money. Your sent a check once your balance reaches $100 USD.


Blinkx ad program lets publishers put ads on their embedded videos (not necessarily theirs) , and the revenue is only split between Blinkx and the publisher. Payment is made through PayPal, and this program is usually the most successful through social sites like Digg.


Each video uploaded to IMCandy is attached to 5 second video ads (the amount varies depending on video length). The publisher receives 30% of what the advertiser pays, eliminating the middleman. As the average cost of ads is $20 per 1000 views, and 30% of $20 is $6, publishers can stand to earn a pretty heavy profit.

How To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, and most of them work. But which ones work the best? I decided to find out, and made a list of different advertisers, and how they work. Decide which ones right for you, and then let the cash roll in!


Google adsense is probably one of the most common types of advertising, mainly because its so easy to use. I personally find it one of the best advertisers out there, and recommend it greatly. Adsense pays on a click basis, so your visitors have to actually click on the ads for you to generate income. Google will either mail you a check or transfer the money electronically once your balance reaches $100. Clicks vary in value, ranging from $0.01 to somewhere in the dollar range, and the prices are determined by the advertiser. Ads will automatically match your site content, but Google does not allow illegal or pornographic sites. Also, you can NEVER click on your own ads, because google will ban your account.


Adbrite may not be as popular as Adsense, but one benefit is that you choose when you are issued a check, anywhere from $5 to $100. Adbrite also pays on a per click basis, and is similar to Adsense. Adbrite is slower in sending a check, and you may have to wait up to two months before you receive your payment (net 60 rule), and this may cause people to reconsider. Personally, I think that this is the only shortcoming Adbrite has, and is easily ruled out by the fact that you don't have to wait until you have made a large sum of money before you are issued a check.


Bidvertiser caters more to the advertiser than the publisher, and pays on a per click basis, but brings into the game an element of competition. Advertisers bid on websites to place their ads, and if you have a large fan base, you could easily earn up to $0.50 a click. Payment is issued either through PayPal or by check once your balance hits a minimum of $10. An easy to use editing tool lets you customize your ads so that they match your site, and you can also block unwanted ads from your site. While not the best per click advertising site, it is definitely one of the good ones.


AzoogleAds pays on per impression basis, which is what sets it apart from other advertisers. Only consider using this advertiser if you have a large amount of visitors a day, but a low CPV (Click Per View) rate. With an easy to use interface and video ad capabilities as well, I would consider this advertiser before other CPI advertisers.

Independent Ads

Don't discount independent advertisers. While maybe not as easy to use, you could probably work out a deal that fits your needs as well as the advertisers. Unfortunately, you might not get as much flexibility regarding price and placement, but don't disregard these entirely.