Sunday, March 8, 2009

Other Ways To Make Money

Besides advertising and video revenue, there are other ways to make money on your website. What about referral programs? Selling goods and services? Sometimes even games! While these might not earn as much as advertising, having more than one stream of income online may be a good thing.

Buying And Selling

Probably one of the original ways to make money online, buying and selling through the internet has a great potential for making money. As stock traders say, buy low, sell high. While Ebay may seem like the obvious choice (and for good reason) there are more ways to buy and sell online. Freewebs (now called Webs) offers a program for businesses to sell their products online. Amazon also works, and you can set a price on what you sell instead of putting it up for auction. Google Checkout works similarly, and can be linked to your already existing Google account.


If your site offers services, there are two main ways to make money from it. First of all, you could require the people using your services to make an account, and sign up requires a payment. Secondly, you could put a donate button on your site so that surfers can donate directly into your PayPal account. Keep in ind that if your serious about making money, you should already have ads on your site


A referral program will pay you a few cents for every visitor to your site that you forward to another site. With a potential to make a large some of cash quickly, this may be a suitable substitute for advertising, but definitely not as profitable. Referrals are similar to ads, as links are put on your site. Keep this in mind before choosing a referral program.

Flash Games

While not the easiest way to make money, with a bit of experience and luck, you can earn a sizable amount of money through games. The most common way to do this is to integrate ads into the loading screen of your game through Mochiads or a similar site. Some gaming websites (Kongregate) offer developers a share of the revenue that is generated from ads in or around your game. Either way, you will earn money every time your game is played. Another way to generate income is through contests. Some websites offer prizes for the highest rated game uploaded this month, or the most played. While not a definite or steady way to make money, you could earn up to $250 if you win.

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